Webinar & Online Sales Call Performance Analysis
Webinar & Online Sales Call Performance Analysis
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Business Video Analysis Tips 

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Ext. Factors

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Business professionals can obtain great insights in how to raise their performance by understanding how video is used in areas like sports science.

Recording Webinars/Webex explains recording and analytics features, functionality and best practice for making these recording.

Realtime Event Analysis means how a Coach/Sales Manager can get the most out of their Players/Presenters right now, in the moment with reporting analysis 

Presentation Tactics provides Seller and Buyer hints on Presentation Tactics that you can use to engage your audience.

Presentation Approach are the elements that make up sections of a presentation and are the strategic approach that you take.

Mental Attitude videos will explains how body and mind have to be in sync to get the best performance.

External Factors will be external elements  or factors that can affect a presentation that you need to control and utilize your environment to your best advantage.

Sales Phase dictates what you should be trying to achieve with your presentation at different stages of the sales cycle

Sales Communication can be broken down into methods and styles dependent on whether your are receiving or giving the communication plus your personality trait. These videos explain communication best practice.

Analytics of Presentations understand past performance(s) in detail to improve likely success

Most of the shareable video tips below are from the internet, and many are freely available on Youtube, please see Youtube's licensing agreement for terms and conditions and please go to the place of the video or article and its origins and learn more from what you see and hear. If you feel that you don't want your video shown here then please right in the contact us page with your comment.