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Webinar & Online Sales Call Performance Analysis
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CallCoach's corporate thinking is a derivative of "Sport Performance Business Analysis", this is our own unique brand of philosophy that we pursue enthusiastically to make sense of the wave of different approaches to human performance enhancement that are required in modern life.

Sport is easy to understand, usually there are winners and losers and most people take an active interest in a sports team or an individual athlete, even monitoring their progress on a daily/weekly basis. What we don't always realise is that athletes are leading the way in human performance enhancement techniques by utilising the best of sport science.

The average business person cannot always get to grips with swinging a baseball bat or scoring a goal in soccer but they are very aware of how well paid sport stars are. However it is the many parts of a performance that make up a great sporting success that need to be understood and recycled for business use, whether you agree with sports stars salaries or not!

CallCoach.com understand performance enhancement techniques by juxtapositioning sport and business ideas together in an easy or humorous way to understand ourselves better. We need a cross section of experiences from your sporting experiences that have helped you in your business life.

Share you experiences with us today by writing coaching articles or a blog.