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How to Become a Sales Top Performer In the Era of Digital Selling

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters”
Paul “Bear” Bryant, Top American College Football Coach & Player

Those who Practice Sales Presentations Sell More, those who Don't, Don't - fact. For you to be better than your competition and increase your Win Rate then your Sales Presentation Skills must become second nature and on-point. It needs practice away from a live opportunity or a customer engagement.... or does it?

Let's look at best practice from Elite Sports Performers for performance trends and incremental success. All major sports performances are video recorded, digitally analyzed for players/team stats and power-plays discussed in a fun but informative way by a Coach, after, during or before the game to help improve their Players and Teams performance.

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An obvious strategy you would think, for Sales Teams to also improve themselves in the era of digital but Real Sales/Marketing Webex / Webinar reviews are not happening often enough or even ever at all with their Sales Manager and never enough with an external Sales Coach. But there is a Third Way, use the Services of a Sales Performance Analyst in the same way that elite sports coaching works. You don't expect Pep Guardiola does all his own Video Analysis work, do you?

CallCoach takes the BEST of Sport Performance Analytics and Brings it to Business Presentations

Sales Leaders or Sales Enablers can be missing a simple sales learning step as digital Webex/Gotomeeting... content can easily be recorded and reviewed through notational analysis tools & techniques, as pioneered by the sports & the betting industry over 20 years ago but going through massive change due to AI technology. Making a recording can also be a clever mechanism to get Reps to Practice before a BIG important sales presentation!

You, Your Managers or even an external Sales Coach can benefit from easy to consume analysis provided by an Analyst. It can be delivered in Powerpoint or MP4 Video linked to Microsoft AI Video Indexing technology highlighting your teams good or bad selling techniques and it provides them with the latest & best presenting sales skills with quantifiable scoring indicators of likely success.


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CallCoach.com provides a new approach to providing a sales coaching service with coaching content being embedded within a Powerpoint Presentation, side by side with your recorded Webinar/Webex plus all the features & benefits of a Powerpoint Presentation like Sales Coaching Content that can easily be edited by a Sales Manager or Sales Coach before a Rep sees it.

These Voiced Powerpoints can be exported as Video Files and can be safely uploaded to Your MS Sharepoint or other Sales Collaboration Sites or use CallCoach's safe self service site combined with AI fast searching feature. This is a valuable service not only for Reps to practice their Webex/Webinars but by Marketing and Sales Management to review important content before it gets presented or published to potential Buyers. You can also use CallCoach to record their opinons on your Webex/Webinars if need be (see an example).

Your chances of selling success will increase two-fold using the CallCoach Presentation Review Service, first 5 minutes analysis is free of charge.

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