Webinar & Online Sales Call Performance Analysis
Webinar & Online Sales Call Performance Analysis
Sales Presentation Review Service

CallCoach is a new method to provide relevant & interactive sales presentation feedback that relies on AI & a video analytical approach (similarly used by professional sports coaches) to review sales performance and presentation content.  Sales content that is directly connected to a particular segment of a ZOOM - TEAMS - GOTOMEETING... sales video call. 

Webinar or Event Review
Webinar or Event Review

VIDEOCALL... Sales Call Review

CallCoach Auto Created Demo

12/08/2022 at 20:00 - 22:00 on Camberley / Nr London

See the 10 minute auto generated summary video of a 55 minute webinar.

CallCoach Advanced Demo

10/07/2022 at 20:00 - 22:00 on Camberley / Nr London

New version of CallCoach Advanced now has an html interface to few webinar & training together.

Presentation Coach ?

10/02/2022 at 20:00 - 22:00 on Farnborough / Nr London

Presentation Coach v a Video Analyst, what is the difference, what are the benefits?

Review sales reps before you hire them. Review marketing webinar collateral before you re-host it. Review account managers before their big presentation. Review live events before your roadshow. Embellish your sales training with real-life content attuned with modern selling. 

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Recording your sales performance is an obvious strategy you would think for Sales Teams to improve themselves in the era of digital selling. However rehearsals are the next best thing. 

Digital TEAMS/ZOOM/WEBEX... Call Content can easily be reviewed and now analyzed through notational analysis tools & techniques. This technology is going through a disruptive change due to AI & Cognitive technologies so why not use added intelligence on your own or your sales/marketing teams recordings to win more deals.   CLICK FOR DEMO VIDEO. 

Our CallCoach Solutions & Notational Analysis Templates

CallCoach have developed notational analysis & review templates to analyse the different types of Sales/Business Calls.  

We Capture, We Analyse, We Present Back and We Train our Customers to Improve their Sales Performance. 

Sales coaching content can easily be reviewed with a Sales Manager or Coach plus the Sales Rep.

 All via your web browser, video file or Powerpoint or you could allow CallCoach to collate it all for you!

Introductory Sales Call

Via Video or Audio Sales Calls we look at how you obtain an Introductory meeting for your company and analyse the resulting introductory call to understand if you are prepared to execute you call plan & next steps.

Marketing Staged Event 

Marketing Events can be the most nerve racking as you want to make an impression and also set your own Company agenda or disrupt your competition. CallCoach notes how you go about this task. 

Customer Account Call

In the age of COVID, Account Video & Audio Calls are more important than ever. Beforehand you may have been onsite to know what is going on, now you have to find out from building rapport, we track your progress. 

Capability & Credentials Call

Having gained access to Decision Makers or Assessors you can now show how god your company's product or service is but does it match up to what the Customer is wanted or expecting. Your positive approach is key.

Demo Call

Demo calls are calls that potentially make or break a deal. Sometimes they don't got to plan but how you recover can determine if you take the next step. We watch and analyse to see how you Demo unfolds.  

Proposal Call

You may have give indicative pricing in early stages of the sales cycle now it is getting to the serious end of the engagement. We look to uncover whether you have gauged your deal strength and read the Buyers intent.

Analyze Your Online Sales Calls for Future Digital Selling Success

By coaching & self analysis you will enhance and sharpen your decision-making conversations from reviewing what works best. Discard what does not. Digital selling via WEBINARS / ZOOM / TEAMS...  has become common place, video analysis is now a necessity for performance improvement,  as we know from sports & media professionals. 

Sales Presentation Methodology 
& Review Process Education

The CallCoach Sell & Buy Sales Presentation Methodology called FUSION helps Sellers choice the right content at different stages of the presentation and that the best presentations are a mixture of speech and visual content effortlessly put together. Understand why The Buyer also puts different weighting on different content is also an important part of presentation methodology. 

How we do it ?


Capture Compliantly Webinars/Video Sales Calls through your web conference Record function or via our Partners software solutions and services 


CallCoach tag sales  presentation events and puts a score against them plus coaching observations are also noted. We also score  sentiment analysis, track what you do well v what you don't do well, whether you are speech or visually centric in your style..


Our Presentation Analysts uses the CallCoach FUSION Sales Presentation Methodology and Toolkit to pick up on a Presenter's selling characteristics and benchmark these against gold standard sales performance methods and then present them back to you in a video or web portal that can be played back at anytime. 


Using our CAPTivate  Presentation Process, we can train you to make your video and audio calls more engaging and your selling more fruitful plus use the content for better digital selling on your website or direct to customers via data driven presentations.

Additional CallCoach Services

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The Latest in Video Analysis Thinking and Best Practice

Some of the latest thinking comes from a diverse use of video in various situations such as the sports industry, politics and the media industry. Below are helpful guides and thinking that has influenced CallCoach.com.

Business Focus VBlogs

Use this paragraph to describe what you do. This is a great place to let your visitors know who you are.

Sport Relevant VBlogs

Use this paragraph to describe what you do. This is a great place to let your visitors know who you are.


There has never been a more important time to have truly engaging presentation skills. 


Use this paragraph to describe what you do. This is a great place to let your visitors know who you are.