Webex & Webinar Performance Analysis
Data Driven Sales Presentations & Review Service


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Sales Coaching Video is Below which is just text tips coaching only, voiced coaching is below.

The Video Indexer service to the right helps you find the right part of the video quickly that explains a particuar topic from keywords to OCR searching. You can search via seeing presenters faces to slide keyframes to many other types of searches. There is also a transcript service. Try it out!

Above you will see the two types of services that we provide - One is where I coach and explain issues in the presentation and the second is a more text/search based approach to analysing your performance for yourself but helped by my notes.

The overall approach that I take is that of a performance analyst. You have performance analysts in sport where a manager or head coach will ask his performance analyst to watch the match video and provide the relevant data on the performance from mutually agreed KPIs.  I can work to that approach from Webexs, Webinar or conferences as well for sales and marketing individuals and teams.

These videos can be used by Sales & Marketing Department Based Coaches or Sales Trainers or by the Individual Speakers themselves.  Your company's performance feedback mechanism may need to be updated to incorporate this approach 

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Example of the New CallCoach Sales Coaching Slide Output

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