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Carl Schmidt

Posted on : March 01, 2020

What happens when in sport of other areas like sales and you lose form or sales, your place of job is in jeopardy. Denying the problem will just create anxiety. You are worried that admitting those issues will hit your sports or sales performance. In reality things just get worse. Better players or sellers work this out quicker and smarter than others, a time when they realize their faults. Remove the hurdles to playing or selling more. Anxiety is one of them, and deliberation is an hurdle. Thinking too far ahead of yourself is one of them, Not playing in the now is one of the hurdles. Getting sport or sales out of proportion is one of the hurdles. Believing your life and your struggle to be disproportionally importand is one of the hurdle. Dreading failure is a big hurdle.

Now you are thinking like a player or seller again. This is usually the beginning of a return to form.

Seth Godin

Posted on : September 01, 2019

Seth's Blog 39# - 2017

Who are you playing tennis with?

There's a lot of volleying in tennis. They hit the ball, you hit it back.

A lot like most of the engagements you have with other people. The thing is, though, you get to decide who to volley with.

Perhaps you spend time with people who spend a lot of time talking to you about "who" vs. "whom" or ending a sentence with "with".

Or are filled with skepticism or negative feedback.

Or who deny the very facts that you've based your work and your future on…

It's unlikely that you'll change them. It's unlikely that they're making you better. It's quite probable you're spending a lot of time hitting things back that don't do you any good.

Consider playing with someone else.

Your agenda is yours. Don't throw it away without thinking about it.

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