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Ed Smith, What Sport Tells Us About Life

Posted on : March 01, 2020

Good judgement about the past - though it cannot perfectly predict the future or guarantee success - may help us to get to the right strategy for the challenges ahead.

By the same logic, bad history means bad analysis of the past, and bad analysis of the past makes for poor strategy. Poor strategy cost games (or sales). History Matters

Bad history in sport (or sales)takes four classic forms: 1. Simple forgetfulness; 2. using the wrong facts and missing the real ones; 3. using the right facts but interpreting them wrongly; 4. the fallacy that what happened was always inevitable.

David Sumpter, author of Soccermatics

Posted on : October 05, 2019

Just like football, anyone can play at (mathmatical) modelling. If you are the sort of person who see things more clearly through footballing analogies, through sporting anologies, weather anologies, anologies in film and music, analogies to nature or any other type of anology, then you are already one place closer to becoming a mathematical modeller. If you can make good anaologies, then you can make good mathematical models. Being a modeller is first of all about using your imagination, and then homing in on the problem. It is a creative activity, but one that is subject to rules and procedues. I want to show you how to think in this way, and hopefully help you understand more about your own life and the world around you. Mathematics is a way of seeing problems and finding solutions

Rupert Fallows

Posted on : September 01, 2019

Using the Weibull count distribution for predicting the results of
football matches - attack and defend strategy. Can you have a formula
to predict a winning team. See this theory. http://www.sportstradingnetwork.com/article/journal/using-the-weibull-count-distribution-for-predicting-the-results-of-football-matches/

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